Lelieweg 4, Bleiswijk

  • 24,000 m2¬†greenhouse space
  • Propagation of cacti
  • Cuttings production of cacti and succulents
  • Administration and sales
  • Rooting third-party plants
Arendcactus 2
Arendcactus 1

Kleihoogt 40G, Berkel en Rodenrijs

  • 21,000 m2¬†greenhouse space
  • Cultivation of cacti to finished product in pot sizes 12 cm and 15 cm
  • Most grown from own cuttings
  • Sales via Flora Holland auction: view our range

Environmentally-friendly cultivation

We hold MPS A+ and MPS GAP certificates, reflecting our goal of organic cultivation and a genuine focus on our employees.

Arendcactus, Lelieweg

Lelieweg 4
2665 ML Bleiswijk

Arendcactus, Kleihoogt

Kleihoogt 40G
2651 KV Berkel en Rodenrijs